Harp racks for residual sheets and cut pieces

Up to 100 single sheets, panes or cut pieces can be stored on two levels in our BF 50-10 ND two-level harp rack. Protective side rollers and specially developed toothed ribs on the horizontal support ensure material-friendly storage. The system delivers quick, direct access. Smooth-running rollers facilitate transport, making the two-level rack a flexible solution for many applications in storage and production areas.

BF 50-10 ND two-level harp rack with 100 compartments for sheet metal, cut pieces and decorative pieces


  • 100 compartments for single pieces of glass, residual sheets or cut pieces with quick, direct access,
  • Material-friendly storage with protective tubes on the side and special toothed ribs on the horizontal support,
  • For in-house glass transport, interim storage, and material provision,
  • Two removable, magnetic number strips,
  • Suitable for extra long goods due to protective bar,
  • Fold-out U-bolt,
  • Four smooth-running rollers (2 of which are full-stop castors),
  • Plastic protective tubes with rods that can be individually replaced,
  • “Made in Germany” quality

Configurable options

Magnetic number scaleMagnetic number scale 1-25/1-50
RAL colour of your choiceRAL colour of your choice
Magnetic number scale
RAL colour of your choice