Roll-out vertical sheet storages for metal

Store and protect your special and residual sheets in the compact roll-out sorting/storage system from HEGLA. The upright vertical supports in the roll-out compartments are padded for material protection and provide the necessary support for metal plates stored vertically. All sheet metal and plate material can be individually accessed. The roll-out storage system requires minimal floor space. Furthermore, stored goods can even be placed on the system ceiling (load-bearing capacity of up to 1,500 kg per m²).

HEGLA roll-out storage system for the vertical storage of sheet metal, leftovers and decor plates


  • Compact storage solution with optimal use of space,
  • Material-friendly and surface-protecting storage option for sheet metal, residual plates and decor,
  • Storage variants for small, medium, and large formats,
  • Padded vertical supports to protect material,
  • Loading the roll-out storage system from the left or right depending on customer requirements,
  • Ceiling can bear loads up to 1,500 kg per m²,
  • Extensive accessories for expansion and adapting functionality,
  • Low-maintenance “Made in Germany” quality

Functional description

For material removal or storage of residual sheets or other plate materials, one of the smoothly running compartments in the roll-out sorting/storage system is pulled out at the front. The plate is inserted into the slightly sloping, tilt-proof, padded compartment and is protected against scratching during storage. The optional fanning aid provides direct access to all goods to be loaded. Height-adjustable intermediate shelves expand the capacity of the upright storage compartments.